As a physical trainer and an endurance athlete, i was always experimenting with foods for best performance and nutritional value. But when it comes to transforming your favorite candy when you were young to a healthy snack, it's a mission! This is how SD Bar was created. A nutritional engineering state of art to include the highest antioxidant superfoods from every food family in perfect ratios that give you the ultimate macronutrient ratios in a delicious balanced nutritional bar.

SD Bar covers all bases, we sacrifice profit for quality ingredients. it's an all NATURAL and RAW bar, VEGAN and GF. Raw foods has functional "live" enzymes that helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients. You also get 10g of naturally occurring proteins from whole foods per packet. But the best part is that SD bar has 0g added sugars, the sweetness comes from the naturally occurring fruit sugars which in combination with 4g of natural fibers, prevent any insulin spike and will give you a consistent stream of energy. 

My mission is to help inspire as many people as possible to be physically fit and live a balanced, energetic, and revolutionary lifestyle, as well as feeding our people the healthiest, freshest, and best tasting Antioxidant snack bar ever existed. 

Thank you for all your support,

Feras Maidaa , Founder & Owner

We are from the community and work for the community

SD Bar is a proud supporter of San Diego's outdoor fitness initiative through Please visit our page, take a look at our projects and share with us your valuable opinion and feedback.

We greatly appreciate your time!